Friday, August 21, 2015

Cheerleader Card

Hi, there.  I made a card for my grandniece who will be starting 10th grade at the end of the month. She's a varsity cheerleader again - she made the squad last year as a freshman. She's an amazing young lady who also dances in a competitive dance company, runs track and has excellent grades. Her uncle and I send her a little WAM (Walking Around Money - LOL!) several times throughout the school year.  I happened to see these cheerleader stickers somewhere last year, so I bought them. I thought they looked darling on this center step card.

This was a fun and quick card to make. Her school's mascot is a panther.  I went to the school web site and copied/printed the panther. I had some paw print stickers so I used them also.  Her school colors are red and white, so the sticker set was absolutely perfect. The cheerleader skirt and top are shiny, so there is a bit of a glare that I just couldn't get rid of. Anyhoo, I hope she likes it, and I hope you do too.

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